Renewal: Drawing on Tradition to Inform the Present

The Women’s Visionary Congress is back in 2023!

Since its inception in 2007, the Women's Visionary Congress (WVC) has been a powerful platform, amplifying the voices of women and elders deeply engaged with the realm of psychede!ic substances.

In our first in-person event since COVID, we're once again bringing together a diverse group of healers, researchers, artists, and spiritual leaders at the forefront of psychede!ic therapies and culture.

The central theme of this year's Congress is "Renewal: Drawing on Tradition to Inform the Present."

Prepare to be inspired by visionary leaders who will generously share their knowledge and insights. This is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, network with peers, and engage in thought-provoking discussions with people who have worked with psychede!ics for many years.

Everyone, regardless of gender, is warmly welcome to participate.

8 Good Reasons to Attend This Year’s Conference

A Momentous Return

After a hiatus due to the pandemic, experience the palpable energy and enthusiasm of the first in-person gathering. Celebrate unity and collective spirit as the community reconvenes.

Voices of Visionaries

Hear from a dynamic mix of healers, researchers, artists, and spiritual leaders, offering a rich tapestry of perspectives and insights on psychede!ic substances and therapies.

Dive into "Renewal"

Explore the profound theme of "Renewal" and how wisdom from different traditions can be harmoniously integrated into current psychede!ic practices and discourse.

Unparalleled Networking

Beyond learning, the Congress offers an environment of openness. Forge new partnerships, create opportunities, and widen your perspective in a community that celebrates diversity.

Embrace Inclusivity

The Congress embodies a spirit of inclusivity, welcoming people of all genders. Immerse yourself in a setting that celebrates diversity and the transfer of intergenerational knowledge.

Artistic Exploration

Delight in the intersection of art and psychede!ics. Witness how artists channel their psychede!ic experiences into their creative endeavors, providing unique lenses of interpretation.

Engaging Dialogues

Participate in thought-provoking discussions that challenge, inspire, and expand your understanding. Experience the beauty of collective brainstorming and shared wisdom.

Evolving Therapies

Stay updated with the latest advancements in psychede!ic therapies. Discover how these systems for healing are shaping the future of holistic healing and wellness.

A Few of This Year's Speakers

Ayeh Kashani

Ayeh Kashani, a Ph.D. student at CIIS, delves into cosmology and psychology, merging ancient narratives with contemporary insights for transformative exploration.

Dr. Rachel Harris

Psychologist Rachel Harris, PhD is the author of Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope for Depression, Addiction, PTSD and Anxiety. She was in private practice for thirty-five years working with people interested in psychospiritual development.

Sophia "Lady" Buggs

Sophia is reclaiming the sacred roots of farming through sustainable living. She is a fourth generational grower connecting her black ancestry to the land. Mission: Her mission is to Restore, Revamp and Revitalize her community and provide local fresh foods and wellness products that are affordable and accessible to all, while creating a loving urban homestead with her daughter, Passion.

Jane Straight

Jane Straight, a devoted advocate of plant healing and preservation, shares her journey of collecting rare medicinal plants in Central and South America during 1986-1987. Her deep connection to nature and spiritual devotion to gardening have shaped her lifelong commitment to protecting and preserving the Earth, inspired by her role as a "Flower Child" of the sixties.

Erika Dyck

Erika Dyck, an accomplished historian of medicine, published author, and advocate for inclusive history, currently serves as an executive member of Chacruna Canada and an Associate Member of the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science & Technology at the University of Toronto. She also chairs the Program Committee for the Alcohol and Drugs History Society's bi-annual Conference, among various other academic engagements.

3 Days, 21 Speakers, 1 Incredible Weekend

What 2019's Attendees Say

Attending the Women's Visionary Congress was transformative for me. It was not only an enlightening experience filled with invaluable insights from leading figures, but it also felt like coming home to a community that understands and shares my passions.
Holistic Therapist
The WVC is a unique blend of tradition, science, and culture. Every year, I'm astonished by the depth and diversity of the discussions. It's a space where you feel both humbled by the wealth of knowledge and inspired to contribute to this vital field.
Research Scientist
As an artist, the WVC has been a wellspring of inspiration. Engaging with a diverse group of leaders has opened up new avenues for my art and spiritual practices. The Congress beautifully bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary thought.
Artist & Spiritual Enthusiast

About The Venue

The Alembic is a nonprofit bodymind center committed to experiments in transformation. Drawing from ancient traditions and contemporary protocols, the space offers a wide range of skillful means for exploring, integrating, and transforming our felt engagement with the world and the mystery of our own consciousness. 

2023 Schedule

Friday, October 6th

Saturday, October 7th

Sunday, October 8th

Join us for an unforgettable weekend.

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The Women’s Visionary Congress annually gathers a community to share information, foster professional relationships, ignite creativity, and explore the leading edge of psychede!ics.